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Alison ([personal profile] justice) wrote2017-02-10 10:24 am

Books Read List 2017

Abhorsen; Garth Nix
All the Light We Cannot See; Anthony Doerr
Behemoth; Scott Westerfeld
The Broken Kingdoms; N. K. Jemisin
The Creature in the Case; Garth Nix
Crooked Kingdom; Leigh Bardugo
Goliath; Scott Westerfeld
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms; N. K. Jemisin
Leviathan; Scott Westerfeld
Lirael; Garth Nix
MaddAddam; Margaret Atwood
Norwegian Wood; Haruki Murakami
Oryx and Crake; Margaret Atwood
Room; Emma Donoghue
Sabriel; Garth Nix
Six of Crows; Leigh Bardugo
Star Wars: Aftermath (Empire's End); Chuck Wendig
Star Wars: Catalyst; James Luceno
White Teeth; Zadie Smith
The Year of the Flood; Margaret Atwood

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